The facial day cream night sensuum is a product made in Italy, the first creature, spearhead,of the new line sensuum high natural cosmetics, fruit of the carefully scientific research of a team of scholars that has as main objective the care and prevention of health and beauty; it gives back naturally women the youth that the signs of aging have traced giving force, light and elasticity. The synergy of valuable trace elements promotes the penetration and the immediate absorption of nutrients. To choose with awareness and responsibility an excellent natural product is our challenge!



In the face cream sensuum, in addition to the natural principles, the gold present in it is the essence of luxury valuable to revitalize and improve the skin giving a radiant and toned feature. Instantly skin is of a shining beauty. The incomparable day night face cream suitable for all skin types is a powerful anti-aging acts in depth by rebalancing the skin PH, purifies and oxygenates the cells of the dermis and asphyxiated devitalized from environmental pollution and oxidative stress. No-greasy it leaves the skin a pleasant velvety and silky effect. It develops an action of anti hyperpigmentation and lightening for reactive skin spots. The absence of fragrances and synthetic additives gives the cream a delicate and natural fragrance ; it is non-allergenic, suitable for the most sensitive skin. Free of parabens, silicones, formaldehyde, petrolatum, PEG. Dermatologically tested at the University of Ferrara. ICEA certifications. Not tested on animals.


Applying facial cream sensuum day night twice a day with a gentle massage. By day, the cream protects the skin by the agents responsible for premature aging.

At night it intensely hydrates and frees the skin from bacterial toxins. It promotes cell turnover. It restores elasticity and tone.

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